Smash Factor

Trackman , Practice / February 18, 2019 / Alek Mierzejewski

Smash factor is a number that shows the amount of energy transferred from club face to the ball. The calculation is made by dividing ball speed over club speed. So if you have a club head speed with a driver at 100 mph and ball speed of 150, your smash factor is 1.50.

The optimal smash factor is 1.50 with a driver and a pitching wedge would be optimal at 1.25.

Smash factor is based off the compression of the ball, where on the face impact is made and the club head speed. If the three of these criteria are met with a driver you should see a smash factor at 1.50 or close to. Improving/ Making your smash factor higher will increase your distance with every club. When looking at the smash factor, focus on:

  • where on the face the ball is making contact and
  • the angle of attack to make sure you are compressing the ball correctly (not too shallow and not too steep).

If you manage to increase your smash factor you can see up to 15-20 extra yards off the tee and 5-10 yards with your irons while still swinging at the same speed.